Then and Now

901 Broad Street

This business location was one of the first structures erected in the new community of Milliken, CO prior to 1910. O. G. Jones opened Farmers Lumber Store in 1909. Many of the businesses that were located at 903 N. Broad Street used the corner building and the building located to the north of it for storage or extended office space. A few of the business names (tenants/owners) that have been previously located at this address are listed as follows: Deffenbaugh Lumber (Ray and Alma Hildreth), Clayton Lumber (M. A. Dorman), Easy Clean Laundromat (Pat Onorato), a coffee shop (Jerry and Joann Kilgore), Goobers Ice Cream (Charlie Hamilton) and the town’s newest, Paradice Cream (Kim Bernhardt and son Jeff Bernhardt).

Be advised that MHS does its best to research accurate information regarding the history of business locations, but it is always an ongoing project. New information or corrections are always welcome and accepted from the public.

Then and Now

1000 Block of Broad Street

Three storefronts on Broad Street (1003, 1005, and 1007) are located in one of the oldest buildings in the community of Milliken, CO. Beginning in 1909 it was owned by H. E. Tucker who sold it to the Hoeft brothers. The middle door to the building (#1003) opens to a staircase that goes to the second floor. It at one time served as a doctor’s office, but mostly it has been used as the Odd Fellows/Rebekah Lodge.

The lower portion of the building has housed a feed store, McCleod, Crawford, and Chapin Grocery stores, and one drug store, Dingle Drug. It was at some point split into two sections. H. B. Crawford and C. W. Chapin were each owners of the building during its history. In 1956 the east half (1007) became the Milliken Post Office until 1968 when Gordon Cook, postmaster, had the current Post Office building built. Since that time numerous storefronts have found a business opportunity in the building including restaurants, a flea market, craft shops, beauty shops, and several saloons/bars. The current tenants are Trish’s Dog Grooming at 1005 and O’Hara’s Pub at 1007.

Then and Now

1100 Broad Street (Corner of Broad and Grace)

Former service station owners in Milliken include Frank Gorocke (Conoco), Elmer Ward (Conoco), Lester& Edith Schropp and Pat Flynn.

*MHS would appreciate any further input on the history of service stations in Milliken.

Service Station

Conoco Station

Then and Now

914 Broad Street

Christy's Food Store

Salt and Pepper Cafe (1987)

The Cracked Egg (2022)

Then and Now

1004 Broad Street

First State Bank

Onorato Auto Parts

Milliken Animal Clinic


High School

First State Bank
of Milliken

1004 Broad Street

Coal Yard

Food Store

O.G. Jones
Lumber Store

901 Broad Street

Dr. Fuson's Residence and Hospital

Police Department & Town Hall

Shoe and Leather Shop

Milliken Cafe